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Total Exchange Capacity (eq/kg) 5.2
Resin Type SAC
Ion Form H
Matrix (Styrenic/Acrylic) Styrenic
Matrix (Gel/Macro) Macroporous

AmberLyst™ 35WET

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    AMBERLYST™ 35WET Polymeric Catalyst is a macroporous, strongly acidic, cationic, polymeric catalyst. Its open continuous pore structure makes it an excellent heterogeneous catalyst for a wide variety of organic reactions. This catalyst possesses a specific acid functionality which gives it higher thermal stability than standard polymeric catalysts. Its polymeric structure is resistant to oxidants and breakdown caused by mechanical and osmotic shock. AMBERLYST™ 35WET is a next-generation catalyst for the production of MTBE and TAME. It significantly outperforms conventional catalysts. AMBERLYST™ 35WET has increased activity which means throughput can be increased by 20 – 40% compared to AMBERLYST™ 15WET, while maintaining high olefin conversion. Selectivity to MTBE or TAME remains high. Another important feature of AMBERLYST™ 35WET is that it increases the equilibrium constant of isobutylene and methanol to MTBE compared to conventional catalysts. This feature can lead to significant increases in MTBE productivity. Longer catalyst lifetimes may result from the increased concentration of acid sites and enhanced thermal stability.

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