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AmberChrom™ 1x8 200-400 Cl

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    AmberChrom 1x8 200-400 Cl fine mesh resin is the best choice for the highest levels of selectivity, consistency, and reliability in column separations. AmberChrom fine mesh resins are based on a microporous copolymer of styrene and divinylbenzene (DVB) that results in maximum resistance to oxidation, reduction, mechanical wear and breakage. This structure is also insoluble in common solvents.

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Water Retention Capacity 39 - 45%
Total Exchange Capacity (eq/L) 1.2
Resin Type SBA
Particle Diameter (um) 200 - 400
Ion Form Cl
Density (lb/ft3) 44.0
% DVB 8.0
Application Biochromatography, Bioprocessing