Stirred Tank

In stirred tank processes, resin captures either impurities or target product and is then filtered to isolate the filled resin.  Captured product is recovered by washing the product from the resin with a rinse or pH cycle, regenerating the resin for additional use.  In the case of captured impurities, the loaded resin can be discarded as waste in single-use designs, or the resin can be regenerated for additional use by releasing impurities. DuPont™ offers a range of fine mesh ion exchange resins and polymeric adsorbents that allow end-users to balance desorption kinetics and binding capacity.


Column processes are ideal for continuous and semi-continuous purification designs that require high resolution to separate similar species. DuPont™ offers reverse phase resin, fine mesh ion exchange resins, and polymeric adsorbents that show excellent resolution, yield, and long life time over many use cycles.  All resins are available in loose resin form, giving end-users the freedom to pack their own columns. DuPont™ Profile™ HPLC columns are available in select reverse phase resins grades for people who prefer the convenience of pre-packed columns for their analytical and benchtop research needs.