Oligonucleotides are short synthetic DNA sequences that are designed to recognize target DNA sites for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. This function requires high purity oligonucleotides for precise targeting. DuPont’s chromatography resins play a critical role in removing impurities like failure sequences and base pair errors.

Peptides & Proteins

Proteins are amino acid polymers the body uses to regulate tissues and organs.  Many diseases are related to the incorrect production of vital proteins.  Therapeutic peptides are designed to overcome these problems.  DuPont has a variety of resins that can be used to purify peptide hormones, cytokines, peptide antibiotics, blood factors, and vaccines.

Small Molecule APIs

Conventional drug treatments rely on synthetic chemistry or fermentation routes to produce small molecule active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). DuPont™’s ion exchange resins and polymeric adsorption resins are used to remove metals, detergents, salts, and other impurities from raw materials and drug intermediates.

Plant or Animal Extracts

Plant and animal extracts can have biologically active properties that are useful in medicine.  Crude extracts are complex mixtures that require purification to isolate target compounds.  DuPont has resins that are suitable for a variety of extracts such as alkaloids, glycosides, polyphenols, and taxols from plants and heparin from animal extracts.


Diagnostics is a wide-ranging field that covers radio-contrast agents for imaging systems, blood diagnostics, and PCR-based diagnostics for infectious diseases. DuPont™’s polymeric resins are utilized in the use and production of various diagnostic systems.


Process analytical technology is a critical part of designing and manufacturing drugs.  High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) is a common technique for determining the composition of process streams and drug streams.  DuPont offers pre-packed, polymeric reverse phase HPLC columns, bulk ion exchange resins, and adsorbent resins for sample preparation, method development, and analytical testing.