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Polymer Polyethylene
Resin Type Inert
Particle Diameter (um) 2500 - 4000 um
Ion Form Inert
Max Operating Temp (F) 230.0

AmberLite™ 62i

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    AMBERLITE™ 62i Inert Resin is a floating, non-functionalized, transparent, amorphousshaped resin with properties specifically designed for use as an upper layer in up-flow regenerated ion exchange systems, such as UPCORE™ Packed Bed Systems. This inert resin has a specific gravity lower than water, which ensures it will stay above the ion exchange resin bed. Its self-distributing properties allow it to evenly cover the available cross-sectional area, forming a protective layer that allows dirt and resin fragments to pass through while retaining the resin bed during the compaction/bed-lift step prior to regeneration.

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