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AmberLite™ FPA42 Cl

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    Amberlite™ FPA42 Cl Ion Exchange Resin is a high-capacity, uniform particle size, gel, Type I strong base anion exchanger. It is intended for general demineralization and deashing in which the risk of fouling from colored bodies and organics is relatively low. The uniformity and mean particle size of Amberlite™ FPA42 Cl have been optimized for use in equipment including mixed beds. Amberlite™ FPA42 Cl can be directly substituted for conventional gel anion exchange resin in new equipment and in rebeds of existing demineralizers.

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Water Retention Capacity 49 - 55%
Total Exchange Capacity (eq/L) 1.3
Resin Type SBA
Particle Diameter (um) 600 - 800
Ion Form Cl
Matrix (Styrenic/Acrylic) Styrenic
Matrix (Gel/Macro) Gel
Application Demineralization