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AmberLite™ IRN150 H-OH

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    Amberlite™ IRN150 H/OH Ion Exchange Resin is designed specifically for use in nuclear loops where highest resin purity and stability are required, and where the "as supplied" resin must have a minimum of ionic and non-ionic contamination. These high standards of resin purity enable plants to achieve reliable and safe production whilst reducing the need for equipment maintenance and minimizing the impact of unscheduled outages. Amberlite™ IRN150 H/OH is a stoichiometric equivalent mixture of Amberlite™ IRN77 H Ion Exchange Resin and Amberlite™ IRN78 OH Ion Exchange Resin on a 1:1 equivalent basis. The resin combines the properties of high capacity and excellent physical strength. Pre-mixed resin also allows for faster changeout and initial rinse-up prior to service, which minimizes start-up time and rinse wastewater volume.

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Uniformity Coefficient 1.1
Water Retention Capacity 49 - 55%
Total Exchange Capacity (eq/L) 1.9
Resin Type Mixed Bed
Particle Diameter (um) 650 ± 50
Ion Form H/OH
Matrix (Styrenic/Acrylic) Styrenic
Matrix (Gel/Macro) Gel
Cation Water Retention Capacity (eq/L) 49 - 55%
Cation Particle Diameter 650 ± 50 um
Anion Water Retention Capacity 54 - 60%
Application Nuclear Fuel Pool Purification, Nuclear Power Generation, Rad Water Treatment
Anion Total Exchange Capacity 1.2
Anion Particle Diameter 630 ± 50 um