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Uniformity Coefficient 1.8
Water Retention Capacity 56 - 62%
Surface Area (m2/g) 35
Resin Type WBA
Particle Diameter (um) 490 - 690
Ion Form Free Base
Matrix (Styrenic/Acrylic) Styrenic
Matrix (Gel/Macro) Macroporous
Application Deacidification

AmberLyst™ A21 WET

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    AMBERLYST™ A21 Ion Exchange Resin is a bead-form, weak base anion exchange resin developed for the removal of acidic materials from product streams. AMBERLYST™ A21 is supplied in the water-moist, free base (FB) form. After proper solvent conditioning, it can be used directly to remove acidic materials from any organic streams where the pKa value is > 4.75. AMBERLYST™ A21 is also used in adsorption of SO2 from gas streams.

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