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Water Retention Capacity 60 - 65%
Surface Area (m2/g) 128.0
Total Exchange Capacity (eq/L) 1.8
Resin Type WBA
Particle Diameter (um) 470 - 740
Ion Form Free Base
Matrix (Gel/Macro) Macroporous
Copolymer Phenol Formaldehyde Polycondensate
Application Color Removal, Deacidification, Mineral Removal

AmberLyst™ A23

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    AMBERLYST™ A23 Ion Exchange Resin is a highly porous, granular, weak base anion exchange resin based on crosslinked phenol-formaldehyde polycondensate. Its ion exchange activity is due almost entirely to tertiary amine groups. Consequently, it exhibits minimal strong base capacity. Regeneration with little more than stoichiometric amounts of alkali is rapid and complete. It has proven more efficient than conventional polystyrene resins in a variety of applications. The combination of the porous matrix and the hydrophilic, phenolic structure of AMBERLYST™ A23 permits the reversible adsorption of high-molecular-weight color bodies frequently found in solutions of natural products. AMBERLYST™ A23 features low swelling, high capacity, excellent physical and osmotic stability, and good resistance to organic fouling. AMBERLYST™ A23 can be used to remove mineral and color bodies in organic synthesis such as the production of phenol from cumene hydroperoxide and after cation exchangers like AMBERLYST™ 40WET Polymeric Catalyst to remove acids in aqueous and non-aqueous solutions. AMBERLYST™ A23 is supplied in the partially dried form. Volume delivered is measured in the fully hydrated form after being exhausted with dilute HCl, regenerated, backwashed extensively, settled, and drained.