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AmberLyst™ A26 OH WET

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    AMBERLYST™ A26 OH Polymeric Catalyst is a Type I strong base anion, macroporous, polymeric catalyst based on crosslinked styrene-divinylbenzene copolymer containing quaternary ammonium groups. Its porous structure makes it a good choice for use in aqueous and non-aqueous media. The macroporous structure and pore size distribution imparts excellent resistance to mechanical and osmotic shock. AMBERLYST™ A26 OH is used to catalyze reactions such as aldol condensation and carbonylation where a strongly basic catalyst is required. Its pore structure allows large molecules to enter and react on the basic groups. AMBERLYST™ 26 OH is also used to remove anionic transition metal complexes and mercaptans from hydrocarbons, acids from hydrocarbons and other non-polar solvents, oleic acid from chlorinated hydrocarbons, and acids from phenol-acetone solutions. The macroporous matrix provides large pores presenting a sponge-like structure. This feature, combined with its strong basicity, permits the removal of large, soluble, organic molecules. AMBERLYST™ A26 OH is virtually inert in strong acids, concentrated alkalis, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, ethers, and other common solvents.

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Water Retention Capacity 66 - 75%
Surface Area (m2/g) 30.0
Total Exchange Capacity (eq/L) 0.8
Resin Type SBA I
Particle Diameter (um) 560 - 700
Ion Form OH
Matrix (Styrenic/Acrylic) Styrenic
Matrix (Gel/Macro) Macroporous