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Application Cobalt Removal, Copper Recovery, Nickel Recovery

AmberSep™ M4195 16-50

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    AMBERSEP™ M4195 Chelating Resin exhibits an optimal selectively for capturing transition metal ions (for example, copper and nickel) from solutions with pH less than 2, or in the presence of homogeneous chelating agents such as EDTA. The chemistry of these chelants is based upon a special multi-dentate amine ligand which is partially quaternized by sulfuric acid. When in this conjugate sulfuric acid salt form, the resin—fully swollen and hydrated—is ready for scavenging metals from acidic media. Most metal process streams requiring separation and purification can typically be treated with standard iminodiacetic acid or aminophosphonic chelating resins. However, the more complex, challenging electrolytes require the higher selectivity of AMBERSEP M4195. AMBERSEP™ M4195 Chelating Resin, with its screened particle size (through 20 U.S. Mesh, on 50 U.S. Mesh), is the standard grade of this product.

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