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DuPont™ AmberLite™ XAD1600N

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  • AmberLite™ XAD™1600N Polymeric Adsorbent is supplied as white, insoluble beads in the fully hydrated form.
  • The resin is designed for applications in which the separation of two or more similar species is required. AmberLite™ XAD™1600N offers high surface area and controlled pore size like other AmberLite™ XAD™ resins, but also has all the benefits of a closely controlled particle size to give an extra dimension to the problem of chromatographic separation on the industrial scale.
  • The particle size chosen is a balance between the smaller particle size required to achieve separation and the hydraulic limitations of using such a resin on the industrial scale.
  • While this adsorbent resin could be used in a batch operation, the principal applications are in columnar operations.
  • AmberLite™ XAD™1600N has excellent physical and thermal stability in addition to a low swelling between solvent and aqueous media.

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Functional Group None
Copolymer Crosslinked Divinylbenzene (DVB)
Package Type Bottle